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Specialty Transportation Solutions for COVID-19 Testing

MNX has more than 25 years’ experience in the Healthcare and Life Sciences logistics industry, and we have developed a specialty logistics solution to help corporations ramp up COVID-19 testing for the safe return of employees to the workplace.

Our unique solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Lab or test agnostic: We can work with any lab or testing product of your choosing that best meets your testing requirements.
  • Test kit management: We can help stock test kits at our 700+ global forward stocking locations and deliver kits to your test sites in as little at 2-hour or 4-hour windows to most metro areas globally.
  • Full flexibility: Scheduled or on-demand pick-up of completed test kits from corporate locations or directly from employee’s homes for same-day and next-day delivery to the lab.
  • Track and trace visibility: Our industry leading technology platform provides complete visibility for all shipments and delivery confirmations with strict adherence to GDPR and HIPPA information privacy considerations.
  • Protecting your employees: We have implemented strict protocols, including no-contact pick-ups and deliveries and no-touch proof-of-delivery to protect our couriers, your employees and healthcare workers.

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