New policies in effect due to COVID-19 

Suspension of Proof-of-Delivery Signature 

  • MNX will be temporarily suspending signatures typically required for proof-of-delivery.
  • Our couriers will deliver product to a designated spot location and verbally request a name to enter for proof-of-delivery.
  • For home deliveries, the courier will knock on the door, stand back a safe distance and verbally request a name as proof-of-delivery.
  • Please let us know if you require any further information from us in order to communicate this to your staff and/or customers.

No Visitor Policy at all MNX Facilities

  • Effective immediately, we have implemented a ‘no visitor’ policy at all facilities.
  • Meetings or visits for physical inventories or audits must be rescheduled to a later date.
  • Should you need to collect goods or perform any essential tasks within our facility, we will make alternative arrangements to facilitate your needs.