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Holiday and Weekend Shipping and Delivery Services

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Have a need to ship or deliver critical items on a weekend or holiday? MNX Global Logistics’ 24/7/365 service can help you do that. In a globalized world and supply chain, commerce never stops. And MNX is here to help keep production lines moving and life-saving medical drugs and products delivered to patients. It doesn’t matter if it is a…

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Cell-Therapy Logistics

FDA Approval of First Cellular-Therapy Treatment for Cancer Underscores the Importance of a Robust Logistics and Transportation Process

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The food and drug administration today approves the first cellular-therapy treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a form of blood and bone marrow cancer most commonly found in children. According to NPR: “The treatment, which is also called CTL109, produced remission within three months in 83 percent of 63 pediatric and young adult patients. The patients had failed to respond to standard…

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When an Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) Situation Calls For a Critical Delivery Charter Flight

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Taking an airplane out of service can cost an airline operator hundreds of thousands of dollars a day – from loss of revenue, airport charges, and compensation to disgruntled passengers (to name a few). That is why when faced with an “Aircraft-On-Ground” or AOG situation, airline operators need to get replacement parts, equipment, tooling and sometimes even mechanics to the…

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Weather Disruptions Plague Transportation Providers but MNX Continues to Deliver

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The recent Winter Storm Stella disrupted travel and transportation networks all across the US Northeast. MNX activated our weather contingency plans ahead of the storm, ensuring that the most critical, lifesaving shipments in our network continue to be delivered. Weather modification technology has been around for more than half a century, when scientist from General Electric used silver iodide bullets…

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The Benefits of On-Board Courier (Hand Carry) Services

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On-Board Courier or Hand Carry service is a specialized expedited transportation service where a courier physically carries the product being shipped onto a passenger flight for transportation to the final destination. As one of the largest providers of this service around the globe, MNX has couriers stationed at key gateway cities across the United States, Europe and Asia who are…

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How GPS Technology Is Enhancing Shipment Visibility and Saving Lives

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MNX uses SenseAwareSM, a FedEx Innovation to facilitate constant surveillance of our most time-critical, high-value and sensitive shipments. This multi-sensing device, using both GPS technology and cellular location services is providing transportation solutions providers like MNX with an unprecedented level of shipment visibility. Time and again, this technology has proven itself invaluable in allowing us to catch any shipping problems when…

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